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Private, Online Addiction Recovery Program


Private, Online Addiction Recovery Program

 Most people want to stop their addictive habit, but realize it doesn’t go away with logical steps or motivation. 

Self Recovery is an amazing online guide to understand the underlying issues that drive your behavior so you can avoid frustration and get science-proven tools that work and last. 

Transformative Support

This program is created and delivered by Daniel Hochman, MD, a national leader in the field. 

Self Recovery takes you on a systematic journey from the comfort and privacy of your own home. This allows anyone with barriers of time, location, cost, or shame to still have full access to transformative support 

Why Online?

Self Recovery was designed to meet real life challenges like hectic schedules, family needs, tight budgets, and fear of judgment. 

Our online, on-demand approach allows you to conveniently explore the causes of your addiction anytime, on any device. Be as private or shared as you'd like and still achieve the positive change you deserve. 

Rewire The Brain!

Learn the many aspects of healing through the best proven behavioral, cognitive, relational, physical, spiritual, and emotional techniques. 

The program includes incredibly helpful video lessons, reflection exercises to rewire the brain, a mindfulness series, therapeutic music, community forums, life checklists, and resources.

Why Self Recovery?

Self Recovery makes a difficult process simple by seamlessly integrating all the best proven strategies that normally take many treatments to discover. 

Our holistic model guides you through the underlying emotional causes of your addiction so you can reach beyond sobriety and achieve a deep, lasting life change. 

About Daniel Hochman, MD

Through his private practice and as a consultant for several addiction treatment facilities, Daniel Hochman, MD has helped thousands of people suffering with addiction learn how to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

“I have always been obsessively curious about what actually causes human suffering to progress or continue. Self Recovery draws on my medical training as a physician, my psychological expertise as a psychiatrist, and research from 1,000s of studies to provide a holistic approach to addiction care that works.”

Dr. Hochman can also be reached at his private practice at 512.772.4000 suboxone suboxone clinic Casa Grande